Database Management


The objective of this course project for Database Management was to work in a team of four to design and build a database. The database my group built was aimed towards individuals that have started listening to podcasts and want recommendations based on categories or title they already like. aimed at new podcast listeners utilizing PHP and MySQL. The resulting database can be viewed here

My Role: Clean and pull data points for 1,700 podcast episodes from RSS feeds in XML format. Organize episode information into tables to be incorporated database structure. Assistance with database coding in PHP. 


Data Collection and Curation

The database contains information for 1,700 podcast episodes. As a group we decided which data points would be the most helpful for new users to see. The metadata for these episodes were pulled from RSS feeds in XML format. Before using Python to pull episode and series information, the RSS feeds were cleaned using Atom text editor. The information was then exported into CSV's  and organized in various tables.

Sample of a podcast feed in XML format

Sample of CSV that is created using Python.

Database Coding

Before creating tables for the database, a normalization table was created to model the data that would be reflected in the database. The tables created for the database were imported and linked using MySQL and PHP. The home page features both a drop down menu to select genre as well as a search box to find a particular podcast. Users are also able to view individual podcast episode information under the main series information.

Data Map of the Podcast Database

Homepage for the Podcast Database

Using Format