Website Redesign


The objective of this course project for Information Architecture was to work as part of a team to redesign an existing website. For this project my group chose to redesign the course listings page for the School of Information

My Role: Contribute to group competitive evaluation by researching a portion of various university class listing pages. Conduct user interviews and usability testing. Assist in creating user personas and low fidelity wireframes. 


To complete this project my team worked to complete a content inventory and competitive evaluation to evaluate the current site.  Once completed a series of user interviews were conducted to better understand user's pain points when interacting with the current site.

Semester timeline of project tasks

Competitive Evaluation

A competitive evaluation was completed at the beginning of the project as research as to how other organizations present course information. 

Four direct and indirect competitors were identified. Direct competitors that were identified consisted of other iSchools, including UCLA and university of Washington. Indirect competitors that were identified and consisted of organizations that offer informal learning courses. These included UT Informal and General Assembly. 

User interviews

A series of user interviews and usability tests were conducted with various students to better understand the how users currently interact with site as well as any pain points associated with those interactions.

Personas and Journey Map

At the conclusion of the user interviews personas were created along with a journey map to reflect the insight gained.  These components aided in designing low and medium fidelity wireframes.

Wireframe Design

During the design phase our team decided to  keep the existing table layout while adding new functionality to the the design. Our team wanted to ensure that a user would be able to understand where a course would fit into their learning objectives; this was achieved through a system of tags. A second objective was to give the user the ability to map out what their schedule might look like which we achieved by adding a sidebar with a shortlist. 

Course listings with tags

Class listing with short list calendar view

Using Format